How to become a P2P merchant on Exnode P2P



Who are P2P merchants

P2P merchants are important in providing liquidity on the Exnode P2P marketplace. They earn income and receive additional benefits for providing fiat currency.

Advantages of P2P merchants

Advantages for merchants of P2P trading

1. The highest level of security in the industry
Every transaction on the Exnode P2P platform passes through our escrow service to ensure the safety and integrity of trading. Your cryptocurrency will be stored on a temporary deposit until the successful completion of the transaction is confirmed by both parties. If there are problems, our merchants can contact the support service, which will solve them as soon as possible.

2. Individual customer support
If you have any questions or problems with the Exnode P2P platform, you can always contact our support service for personal assistance. Our specialists respond quickly in an online chat.

3. Special commissions for merchants
We specifically make low commissions exclusively for our merchants.

4. Verification Icons
Verified merchants will have a yellow icon next to their nickname. This will increase the credibility of sellers and their ads will stand out from those who do not have an icon.

Requirements for traders

To become a merchant, you need to have some experience in P2P trading. If you have recently registered on the Exnode P2P exchange, work in the usual status and make 20 successful trades in the last month. At the same time, the minimum trade turnover during this period is not important.

A candidate merchant must have only positive reviews from his counterparties. In addition, he must undergo extended verification.

General requirements

The merchant must:

1. Be honest, polite and fair

2. Scrupulously check all ads before publishing. Errors in specifying the cost, volume, payment method and other details of the ad are unacceptable

3. You need to make payments promptly, transfer digital tokens and respond to messages

4. You cannot offer payment methods that are not supported by Exnode P2P, arbitrarily cancel orders and file an appeal without first contacting the counterparty

5. You cannot use the name of the exchange or other financial institutions in your nickname, as well as any confidential words

Representatives of Exnode P2P communicate with merchants only through Telegram, intended for communication. Communication with the support service is available in the support chat on the website, or in Telegram

Contacts for communication:
Contacts for communication @talzyyyy